Website development

So what is a good, modern website? It is important to understand that a good contemporary website is not just a unique idea, beautifully executed by a web designer. Website is an online tool, primarily needed for getting maximum results, new customers and new partners. An active website should be clear, convenient and interesting for visitors. After all, they are your customers, clients and partners.

Do you want to get a quality product that will be reliable, convenient, SEO friendly and can be easily extended to new opportunities? Then you came to the right place!

To help us better understand your priorities and requirements, and create a site that meets your needs, please consider following questions:

  1. What is a purpose of creating a website?
  2. Have you come up with a web address (domain name)?
  3. Is there a company logo?
  4. Is there a specific need for a unique design, or will a suitable template be appropriate?
  5. What colors should be used in the development of the web site design?
  6. How many pages do you need?
  7. How many menu items and submenus do you require?
  8. Who will edit the website?
  9. Do you need a content management system (CMS)?
  10. How soon do you need a website?

We can help you develop a site as promptly as possible.

We will help you understand the problem, and develop the right solution in creation of a website.

We provide our clients with flexible and convenient content management system, which allows the editing to be as easy and fast as possible.

Content management system (admin panel) can be adjusted and customized to your individual website structure.

Websites developed by us, are initially optimized for search engines, this provides substantial money savings in future promotion of the website.

We work without intermediaries, and complete all work ourselves.

Upon completion of the project, we provide support for your website at a price negotiated. Our support may include options like Search Engine visibility and website upgrading.