What is SEO?

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Virtually every Internet user has at least once heard words such as website promotion, optimization or any other that may be identified with this topic. Yet, the concept of SEO in this list stands out. This abbreviation is often used as “slang” among advanced users of Internet and other professionals in the field of marketing and promotion. However, SEO is the most efficient name for what we have successfully been engaged in for a long time now. SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.


There are thousands of people you may meet who are trying to start an internet business. Many people start a business, but only few of them succeed. Why? People who start an online business often face a shortage of knowledge and skills required for a successful business operation online, solving this problem is a difficult task to face alone. There are several rules that need to be applied in order to start a business on the Internet. These rules are so simple, that some may wonder why people do not already apply them to strengthen and build their business.


NetDome Corp. reopening

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Welcome to our new website. We’ve change our design and some of our prices. Please, contact us for information on reopening promotion, which is include free website for you.